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Indianapolis, IN 46240
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  • Communications & Networking
  • Defense & Homeland Security
  • Information Technology
  • Life Sciences & Healthcare
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    Elevate Ventures nurtures and develops emerging and existing high-potential businesses into high-performing, Indiana-based companies. The three funds managed by Elevate Ventures provide startup capital to Indiana companies in the life sciences, information technology and advanced manufacturing industries. The Indiana Community Development Fund is dedicated to supporting community-interested assets focused on early-stage businesses in Indiana with high growth potential. This program is initially available in the Northern Indiana regions, but will be expanded to Southern Indiana as this region becomes part of Elevate Ventures\\\' statewide network. The ICD Fund\\\'s maximum investment size is $50,000 per company. The Indiana Angel Network Fund is a source of seed capital dedicated to discovering and nurturing emerging, high-potential, innovation-based companies within the State of Indiana. The IAN Fund\\\'s maximum investment size is currently $125,000 per company. The goal of the 21st Century Fund is to support the resolution of next-stage capital formation issues by co-investing with institutional investors in order to further build innovative, high-impact, high-growth companies. The 21 Fund\\\'s maximum investment size is $1 million per company.

    Investment Firm Key

       VC = Venture Capital
       PE = Private Equity
       A = Angel
       I = Incubator
       MB = Merchant Bank
       VD = Venture Debt
       FI = Family Investment Office
       FOF = Fund of Funds
       ED = Economic Development Office   
       TT = Technology Transfer Office
       CVC = Corporate Venture Capital
       SEC = Secondary Purchaser
       HF = Hedge Fund/Mutual Fund
    Venture Capital
    Seed Stage
    (includes "pre-seed," or
    concept stage)
    No Revenue
    Early StageMinimal
    Growth Stage
    (also called Mid-stage)
    Expansion Stage
    (also called Late-stage)
    $7M and greater
    Private Equity
    Lower Middle Market$10M-$249M
    Middle Market$250M-$499M
    Upper Middle Market$500M-$1B
    Large Cap>$1B

    Investment Team:

    Name   Title
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    Barbara Uggen-Davis Chief Financial Officer
    Chris LaMothe CEO
    Phil Lodato Chief Compliance Officer
    Rosanne Burge Senior Partner
    Ting Gootee Chief Investment Officer


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    Portfolio companies include:

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      Applied Biotherapeutics
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      Ash Access
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      Blue Pillar
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      Companion Diagnostics
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      Emerging Threats
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      Fast BioMedical
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      Immune Works
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      Indiana Nanotech
        web link

      Kylin Therapeutics
        web link

      Marcadia Biotech
        web link

        web link

      Morris Innovative
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        web link

      OBS Medical
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      PDS Biotechnology
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        web link

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      Schwartz Biomedical
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      Sites Medical
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        web link

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      Therametric Technologies
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      Upper Hand
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        web link

      Wolfpack Chassis
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