List of investment firms:

1000 Angels


10X Venture Partners

11.2 Capital

12 Angels

1251 Capital Group

1315 Capital

13i Capital


1848 Capital Partners


1955 Capital

2020 HealthCare Partners

2020 Ventures

212 Media

2M Companies

2nd Generation Capital

2x Consumer Products Growth Partners

3 Rivers Capital

301 INC

3311 Ventures

37 Angels

37 Technology Ventures

3G Capital

3i Capital Group

3i Corporation

3M New Ventures

3P Equity Partners

3V SourceOne

4.0 Partners


42 Ventures

4490 Ventures

4G Ventures

50 South Capital

500 Startups

5280 Partners

57 Stars

5AM Ventures

62 Mile Ventures


747 Capital

7wire Ventures




9th Street Capital

A Capital

A&M Capital Partners

A-Grade Investments


Abacus Ventures

ABB Technology Ventures

AbbVie Biotech Ventures

Abell Foundation

Aberdare Ventures

abi Innovation Hub


ABRY Partners

ABS Capital Partners

ABS Ventures

Abundance Partners

Abundant Venture Partners

Accel Partners


Accele Venture Partners

Acceleprise Ventures

Accelerant Venture Capital

Accelerate Long Island


Accelerator Fund

Accelerator Ventures


Access Capital

Access Industries

Access Medical Ventures

Access Venture Partners

Accolade Partners



Accretive Capital Partners

Accuitive Medical Ventures

Acero Capital

ACI Capital Co.

ACIN Camden Center for Entrepreneurship in Technology

Ackerley Partners

ACON Investments


Acorn Growth Companies

Acorn Ventures

Actinic Ventures

Action Potential Venture Capital

Activant Capital

Activate Venture Partners

Active Starts

Acuity Ventures

Adams Capital Management

Adams Hub

Adams Street Partners

Adaptive Health Capital

Admiral Capital Group

Adobe Ventures

Advanced Science and Technology Commercialization Center (ASTeCC)

Advanced Technology Development Center

Advanced Technology Ventures

Advancit Capital

Advantage Accelerator

Advantage Capital Partners

Advent International

AEA Investors

Aerostar Capital

Aeterna Capital

Affinity Angel Investment Fund

Affinity Capital Management

Aflac Ventures

Aggie Angel Network

Agile Equities

Agile Venture Capital

Agility Capital

Agility Ventures

Agman Partners

AGP Miami

AGS Capital

AgTech Accelerator

Airbus Ventures

Airspeed Equity

Aisling Capital


AKAMAI Capital

Akers Capital

Akkadian Ventures

Akoya Capital

Akron ARCHAngels

Akron Global Business Accelerator

Alacrity Ventures

Alafi Capital

Alara Capital

Alaska Growth Capital

Alaska Small Business Development Center TREND (Technology Research and Dev. Ctr. of Alaska)

Alaska Venture Partners

Alchemist Accelerator

Aldrich Capital Partners

Alerion Capital Group

Aleutian Capital Partners

Alexandria Real Estate Equities

Alexis Ohanian

Ali Partovi

Align Capital Partners

Aligned Partners

Alinda Capital Partners

Allegis Capital

Allegro Investment Fund

Allen & Company

Alliance Consumer Growth

Alliance Group

Alliance Healthcare Investment Fund

Alliance Mezzanine Investors

Alliance of Angels

Alliance Technology Ventures

Allianz Life Ventures

Allied Minds

Allos Ventures

Alloy Ventures

Almaz Capital Partners

Alothon Group

Alpha Capital Partners

Alpha Edison

Alpha Venture Partners


AlphaLab Gear

AlphaPrime Ventures

Alpine Creek Capital

Alpine Investors

AlpInvest Partners

Alta Communications

Alta Partners

Altamont Capital Partners

Altaris Capital Partners

Alterna Capital Partners

Altira Group

Altitude Capital Partners

Altitude Life Science Ventures

Altos Capital Partners

Altos Ventures

Altpoint Capital Partners

Altria Ventures

Altus Capital Partners

Alumni Capital Network (ACN)


Ambassador Enterprises

AmBex Venture Group

Ambistia Ventures


Amcref Community Capital

AMD Ventures

AME Cloud Ventures

American Capital

American Express Ventures

American Family Ventures

American Industrial Partners

American Investment Holdings

American Pastime Ventures

American Securities Capital Partners

American Working Capital



Ames Economic Development Commission

Amgen Ventures

Amherst Fund



Amiti Ventures

Amkey Ventures

Ampersand Ventures

Amplifier Venture Partners

Amplify LA

Amplify Partners

Ampton Investments

Analytics Ventures

Ancor Capital Partners

Anderson Pacific

Andlinger & Company

Andreessen Horowitz

Andy Payne

Angel Capital Group

Angel Investor Forum

Angel Investor Management Group


Angel Roundtable

Angel Street Capital

Angel Syndicates Central

Angeleno Group

Angeles Equity Partners

Angelic Ventures

Angelo, Gordon & Co.


Angels on the Water

Ann Arbor Angels

Ann Arbor SPARK

Annox Capital

Anorak Ventures

Anschutz Company

Antarctica Capital

Antares Capital Corporation

Anterra Capital

Anthem Capital Management

Anthem Venture Partners

Anthos Capital

Anzu Partners

AP Capital Partners

Apax Partners

Aperture Venture Partners

Apex Venture Partners

Aphelion Capital

Apjohn Ventures

Apollo Education Ventures

Apollo Investment Corporation

Appian Ventures

Apple Tree Partners

Apricot Capital

Aquiline Holdings

Arafura Ventures

Aragon Ventures

Aravaipa Venture Fund

Arbor Investments

Arbor Partners Venture Fund

Arboretum Ventures

Arborview Capital

ARC Angel Fund


ARCH Venture Partners

Archbrook Capital Management

Archer Venture Capital


Archimedes Capital

Archimedes Labs

Archipel Capital

ArcLight Capital Partners

Arctaris Capital Partners


Arcturus Capital

Arcus Ventures

Arena Ventures

Ares Capital

Arete Corporation


Argonaut Private Equity

Argonne Capital Group

Argosy Partners

Ariel Southeast Angel Partners

Aries Capital Partners

Aristos Ventures

Arizona Technology Investor Forum

Arkansas Capital Corporation

Arkansas Development Finance Authority

Arkansas Institutional Fund (AIF)

Arlington Capital Partners

Arlon Group

Armory Square Ventures

Arnold Venture Group

ArrowPath Venture Partners

Arrowroot Capital

Arroyo Ventures

Arsenal Capital Partners

Arsenal Venture Partners

Artemis Capital Partners

Arthur P. Gould & Co.

Arthur Ventures

Artiman Ventures

Artists & Instigators

ASAP Ventures

Ascend Venture Group

Ascension Health Ventures

Ascent Biomedical Ventures

Ascent Venture Partners

Ashby Point Capital

Ashland Capital Partners

Asia West


Aspect Ventures

Aspen Advisors

Assabet Ventures


Asset Management Company

Astellas Venture Management

Aster Capital


Astralis Capital

ATA Ventures

ATEL Capital Group

Athenaeum Fund

Athenian Venture Partners

Athyrium Capital Management

Atlanta Equity Investors

Atlanta Technology Angels

Atlanta Ventures

Atlantic Capital Group (ACG)

Atlantic Merchant Capital Investors

Atlantic Street Capital Management

Atlas Accelerator

Atlas Holdings

Atlas Venture

ATON Partners

ATP Fund

ATP Private Equity Partners

Atreides Capital

Atrium Capital

Attractor Ventures

ATX Seed Ventures

Auburn Angel Network

Auctus Private Equity Management

Audax Group

Audax Mezzanine

Audrey Capital

Augury Capital Partners

August Capital

Aurora Capital Group

Aurora Funds

Austen BioInnovation Institute in Akron

Auster Capital Partners

Austin Capital

Austin Technology Incubator

Austin Ventures

Autochrome Ventures

Automation Alley

AutoTech Ventures

Auxano Funding

Avalon Capital Group

Avalon Ventures

Avansis Ventures

Avante Mezzanine Partners

Avenue Capital Group

Avista Capital Holdings

Avogadro Partners

AVRON Partners

Aweida Venture Partners

AWT Private Investments

AXA Strategic Ventures

Axcel Partners

Axel Johnson

Axia Partners

Axiom Venture Partners

Axioma Ventures

AZ Digital Farm

Azalea Capital

AzCI (Arizona Center for Innovation)

AzTE (Arizona Technology Enterprises)

Azure Capital Partners

B Capital Group

B.I.G. Capital

B12 Capital Partners


Bachow & Associates

Backstage Capital

Bad Girl Ventures

Baiada Institute

Bain Capital

Bain Capital Ventures

Baird Capital

Baker & Eastlack Ventures

Baker Capital

Balance Point Capital Partners

Baldwin Beach Capital

Ballast Fund

Ballast Point Ventures

Balmoral Funds

Baltimore Angels

BAM Ventures

Band of Angels

BankCap Partners

Bantam Group

Banyan Mezzanine Fund

Banyan Venture Partners


Baroda Ventures

Barris Incubator Program

Barshop Ventures

Barton Creek Equity Partners

BaseCamp Ventures

Baseline Ventures


Basis Set Ventures

Battery Ventures

Battle Born Venture

Bawden Capital

Baxter Ventures

Bay Area Family of Funds

Bay Capital

Bay City Capital

Bay Grove

Bay Partners

Baylor Angel Network

Baymark Partners

Bayshore Global Management

Bayside Capital

BBG Ventures

BBX Capital Partners

BC Partners

BCG Digital Ventures

BCM Technologies

BDCA Venture

Beacon Equity Partners

Beall Investment Partners

Beamonte Investments

Beanstalk Ventures

Bedford Funding

Beechwood Capital

Beecken Petty O'Keefe & Company

Behrman Capital

BelHealth Investment Partners

Belle Capital

Bellingham Angel Investors

Ben Franklin Technology Partners

Ben Franklin Technology Partners of Central and Northern Pennsylvania

Ben Franklin Technology Partners of Northeastern Pennsylvania

Ben Franklin Technology Partners of Southeastern Pennsylvania

Benaroya Capital

Benchmark Capital

Benhamou Global Ventures

Benu BioVentures

Berggruen Holdings


Berkeley Angel Network

Berkeley VC International

Berkeley Ventures

Berkshire Partners

Berkus Technology Ventures

Bertelsmann Digital Media Investments

Bertram Capital

Bessemer Venture Partners

Best Associates

Beta Fund



Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center

Better Ventures

BEV Capital

Beverly Capital

Bezos Expeditions

BF Capital

BIA Capital Strategies

Bialla Venture Partners

Big Basin Partners

Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

Bill Payne & Associates

Bill Warner

Billiken Angels Network

Biltmore Ventures

Binary Capital

Bindley Capital Partners

Bio-Star Ventures






BioHealth Innovation


Biomark Capital

Biomatics Capital

Biotechnology Value Fund

BioVentures Investors

BIP Capital

Birchmere Ventures

Birnberg Group

Bison Capital Asset Management

Bitcoin Opportunity Corp.


Black Angel Technology Investment Fund

Black Canyon Capital

Black Coral Capital

Black Diamond Capital Partners

Black Diamond Ventures

Black Forest Ventures

Black Knight Partners

Black Point Group

Black River Asset Management

Black Shark Family Investments

Blackbird Ventures


BlackEagle Partners

Blackford Capital

Blackmore Partners


BlackRock Capital Investment

Blacksmith Capital


Blackstreet Capital Management

Blade Ventures

BLH Venture Partners

Blockchain Capital

Bloomberg Beta

Blu Venture Investors

Blue 9 Capital

Blue Bright Ventures

Blue Chip Venture Company

Blue Cloud Ventures

Blue Equity

Blue Haven Initiative

Blue Heron Capital

Blue Hill Partners

Blue Horizon Capital

Blue Note Ventures

Blue Point Capital Partners

Blue Ridge Foundation

Blue Rock Ventures

Blue Sage Capital

Blue Scorpion Investments

Blue Startups

Blue Tip Energy Partners

Blue Water Angels

Blue Water Capital

Blue Wolf Capital Management

Blueberry Ventures

BlueCross BlueShield Venture Partners

Bluegrass Angels

Blueprint Health

BlueRun Ventures

BlueStel Ventures

Bluestem Capital

Bluestone Investment Partners

BlueStream Ventures

BlueTree Allied Angels

BlueTree Venture Fund

Blumberg Capital

BMW i Ventures

Boathouse Capital

Boehringer Ingelheim Venture Fund

Boeing HorizonX

Bohemian Companies

Boise Angel Alliance

Boldcap Ventures

Bolder Capital

BOLDstart Ventures


Bonaventure Capital

Bonfire Ventures


Boone Opportunity Lenders

BOONER Capital

Boost VC

Bootstrap Incubation

Borealis Ventures

Boston Angel Club

Boston Community Venture Fund

Boston Harbor Angels

Boston Harbor Capital

Boston Millennia Partners

Boston Seed Capital

Boston University, BioSquare Discovery and Innovation Center (BDIC)

Boston Ventures Investment Partners

Boulder Food Group

Boulder Ventures

Bounds Equity Partners

Bow River Capital Partners

Bowery Capital


Boxwood Capital Partners

Boynton Angels

BR Ventures

Braddock Holdings

Bradford Equities Management

Bradley Technology Commercialization Center (BTCC)

Braemar Energy Ventures

Brain Trust Accelerator Fund

BrainStorm Ventures

Braintree Business Development Center

Brand New Matter

Brandeis OTL/ Virtual Incubator

Brandon Capital Group

Branford Castle

Brass Ring Capital

Bravo Equity Partners

Brazos Private Equity Partners

Breakaway Capital

Breakaway Ventures

Breakout Labs

Breakwater Investment Management

Bregal Investments

Brentwood Associates

Brera Capital Partners

Breton Capital Management

Breyer Capital

Brick & Mortar Ventures

Bridge 37 Ventures

Bridge Boys

Bridge Builders Collaborative

Bridge Investment Fund

Bridge Investments

Bridge Street Capital Partners

Bridgescale Partners

Bridgeway Capital

Bright Capital

Brighton Partners

Brightpath Capital Partners

Brightstone Capital

Brightwood Capital

Bristol Investment Group

Broad Beach Ventures

Broadhaven Capital Partners

Broadline Principle Capital

Broadmark Capital

BroadOak Capital Partners

Broadstream Capital Partners

Broadview Ventures

Brochstein Ventures

Brockson Capital Partners

Brockway Moran & Partners

Broe Group

Bronze Investments

Brook Venture Partners

Brooke Private Equity Advisors

Brookings Biospace Wet Lab and Office Facility

Brooklyn Bridge Ventures

Brooklyn Equity

Brooks, Houghton & Company

Brookside Equity Partners

Brookstone Partners

Brown Brothers Harriman & Co.

Bruckmann, Rosser, Sherrill & Co.

Bryant Park Ventures

Bryant Stibel

Brynwood Partners

BU Office of Technology Development

Buchanan Investments

Buckhead Investment Partners

Buckingham Capital Partners

Built By Iowa

Bulger Partners

Bull City Venture Partners

Bullet Time Ventures

Bullpen Capital

Bullpen Ventures

Bunker Hill Capital

Burch Creative Capital

Bush O'Donnell & Co.

Business Consortium Fund

Business Technology Center of Los Angeles County

Business Technology Development Center

BV Investment Partners

BVM Capital

BW Capital Partners

bwtech@UMBC Research and Technology Park

C.P. Baker & Company

C3 Capital Partners

CAA Ventures

Cadent Energy Partners

Caerus Ventures

Caffeinated Capital

Cairn Venture Partners

Cairnwood Cooperative Corporation

Calera Capital

Calibrate Ventures

California Clean Energy Angel Fund

California Technology Ventures

Caltius Capital Management

Calvert Funds

Calvert Street Capital Partners

Calverton Business Incubator

CAM Capital

Camber Creek

Cambria Group

Cambridge Capital Management Corp.

Cambridge Companies SPG

Cambridge Innovation Center

Cambridge West Ventures

Camden Partners

Camelot Venture Group


Canaan Partners

Canal Partners

Canary Ventures

Candescent Partners

Cane Investments

Canopy San Diego

Canrock Ventures

Canter Capital

Cantos Ventures

Canvas Venture Fund

Canyon Creek Capital

Canyon Healthcare Partners

Capital Community Angels

Capital Dynamics

Capital E

Capital Factory

Capital For Business

Capital Innovators

Capital IP

Capital Midwest Fund

Capital One Growth Ventures

Capital Partners

Capital Resource Partners

Capital Royalty

Capital Southwest Corporation

Capital Sports Ventures

Capital Z Investment Partners

Capitala Group



Capitol Partners

Capricorn Holdings

Capricorn Investment Group

Capstar Partners

CapStreet Group

CapX Partners

Cardinal Equity Partners

Cardinal Partners

Cardinal Venture Capital

Care Capital

Carl Marks

Carlisle Enterprises

Carlyle Group

Carnegie Mellon University

Carousel Capital

Carrick Capital Partners

Carson Private Capital

Cartesian Capital Group

Casa Verde Capital

Casabona Ventures

Cascade Angels

Cascade Growth Partners

Cascade Investment

CASE Center Incubator

Castanea Partners

Castile Ventures

Castle Creek

Castle Harlan

Castle Island Partners

Castletop Capital

Catalus Capital

Catalyst Health Ventures

Catalyst Investors

Catamount Ventures

Cato BioVentures

Catterton Partners

Causeway Media Partners

Cava Capital

Cave Creek Capital Management

Cavendish Impact Capital

CAVU Venture Partners

Cayuga Venture Fund

CB Alliance

CCMP Capital Advisors

CCP Equity Partners

Cedar Fund

CEI Ventures

Celerity Partners

Cendana Capital

Centennial Investors

Center Electric

Center for Entrepreneurial Innovation

Center for Innovative Technology

Center for Integration of Medicine & Innovative Technology

Center for Women & Enterprise

Centerfield Capital Partners

CenterGate Capital

Central Coast Angels

Central Connecticut State University's Institute of Technology and Business Development (ITBD)

Central Texas Angel Network

Central Valley Fund

Centre Partners Management

Centrosome Ventures

Century Park Capital Partners

Cephas Capital

Cerberus Capital Management

Ceres Venture Fund

Cervin Ventures

CET Capital Partners

Chaifetz Group

Champion Investments

Champlain Capital Partners

Chan Zuckerberg Initiative

Channel Mark Ventures

Chaparal Investments

Charge Ventures

Charles River Ventures

Charlesbank Capital Partners

Charleston Angel Partners

Chart Venture Partners

Charter Life Sciences

Charter Oak Private Equity

Charterhouse Strategic Partners

Chartline Capital Partners

Chatham Capital

Chattanooga Area Chamber INCubator

Chattanooga Renaissance Fund

Chazen Capital Partners

CHB Capital Partners

Chemical Angel Network

Cherington Capital

Cherokee and Walker

Cherrystone Angel Group

Chesapeake Innovation Center

Chess Ventures

Chestnut Capital

Chestnut Securities

Chevron Technology Ventures

Cheyenne Capital

Chicago Growth Partners

Chicago Venture Partners

Chicago Ventures

China Rock Capital


Chippewa Valley Angel Investors Network

CHL Medical Partners

Christopher Weil & Company

Chrysalis Ventures

CHS Capital

CHV Capital

CIC Partners

CID Capital

Cielo Private Equity

Cimarron Capital Partners

Cincinnati Childrens Hospital Medical Center



Circle Peak Capital

Cisco Systems

Citi Ventures

Citrix Startup Accelerator

City Hill Ventures

City Light Capital

CIVC Partners

Civilization Ventures

Claremont Creek Ventures

Clarion Capital Partners

Claritas Capital

Clarity Partners

Clark Hill Partners

Clarkston Merchant Partners

Clarus Ventures

Clayton Associates

Clayton, Dubilier & Rice

Clean Energy Venture Group

Clean Pacific Ventures


Cleantech Open

ClearLight Partners

ClearPoint Investment Partners

ClearSky Power & Technology Fund

Clearstone Venture Partners

Clearview Capital

Clearwater Capital Partners

Clearwell Group

Cleveland Avenue

Cleveland Clinic Innovations

Cloquet Capital Partners

Closed Loop Capital

Cloud Apps Capital Partners

Cloud Capital Partners

CloudBreak Capital

CM Capital Corporation

CM Equity Partners (CMEP)

CMA Ventures

CMFG Ventures

CMS Companies

CNF Investments

Coastview Capital

Coatue Management

Cockrell Interests

Coffin Capital

Cogo Labs

Cohen Private Ventures

Cohort Capital

COI Pharmaceuticals

Colchis Capital

Collaborative Fund

Coller Capital

Collide Village Accelerator Program

Collina Ventures

Colony Capital

Colorado Impact Fund

Colorado Mile High Fund

Colorado Springs Technology Incubator

Columbia Business School Lang Fund

Columbia Capital

Columbia Pacific Capital Management

Columbia Technology Ventures

Columbus Nova Technology Partners

Columbus Ventures

Comcast Ventures

Comerica Bank

Commerce Ventures

Commercial Ventures and Intellectual Property (CVIP)


Commons Capital

Commonwealth Capital Ventures

Communications Equity Associates (CEA)

Community Development Partners

Community Development Venture Capital Alliance (CDVCA)

Company X

Compass Partners

Compass Technology Partners

Comstock Capital Partners

ComVest Group

Concentric Equity Partners

Concept Ventures

Concept2Company Ventures

Concur Technologies

Concurrence Capital Holdings

Confluence Capital Partners

Connecticut Center for Advanced Technology (CCAT)

Connecticut Enterprise Center

Connecticut Innovations

Connemara Capital Company

Conscious Venture Lab

Consigliere Brand Capital

Consonance Capital Partners

Consor Capital

Constellation Technology Ventures

Consumer Capital Partners

Consumer Growth Partners

Contemporary Healthcare Capital

Contour Venture Partners

Convergent Capital

Convergent Ventures

Conversion Capital

Copeley Capital

Copley Equity Partners

Coppermine Capital

Coral Group

Corazon Capital

Cordova Ventures

Cordova, Smart & Williams

Core Capital Partners

Core Innovation Capital




Corinthian Capital Group

Coriolis Ventures

Cornell Angel Network

Cornell Center for Technology Licensing

Cornerstone Angels

Cornerstone Capital Holdings

Cornerstone Capital Partners

Cornerstone Continuity Partners

Cornerstone Equity Investors

Cornerstone Holdings

Cornerstone Innovation Fund

Coronis Medical Ventures

Correlation Ventures

Corridor Capital

Corsa Ventures

Corsair Capital

Cortec Group

Costanoa Venture Capital

Costella Kirsch

Cota Capital

Cotton Creek Capital

Cottonwood Technology Fund

Cougar Capital

Council & Enhanced Tennessee Fund

Council Ventures

Court Square Capital Partners

Court Square Ventures

Courtside Ventures

Cove Capital

Covera Ventures

Cowboy Ventures

Cowtown Angels

Craftsman Capital Partners

Cranberry Capital

Crane Capital Group

Craton Equity Partners

Crawley Ventures

CRCM Ventures

Credit Suisse

Creo Capital Partners

Crescendo Capital Partners

Crescendo Ventures

Crescent Capital Group

Crescent Ridge Partners Ventures

Cressey & Company

Crest Capital Ventures

Crestar Partners

Crestlight Venture Productions

Crimson Ventures

Crocker Capital

Crocker Ventures

Croft & Bender

Crofton Capital

Cross Atlantic Capital Partners

Cross Country Group

Cross Creek Advisors

Cross Culture Ventures

Crosscut Ventures

CrossHarbor Capital Partners

CrossHill Financial Group

Crosslink Capital

Crosspoint Venture Partners

Crow Hill Capital

Crown Capital Corporation

Crown Predator Holdings

Crown Venture Fund


Crystal Ridge Partners

Crystal Tech Fund

Crystal Ventures

CSA Partners

CSU Ventures


CTW Venture Partners

Cue Ball

Cultivation Capital

Cultivian Sandbox Venture Partners

Cultivian Ventures

Cuneo & Co.

CureDuchenne Ventures

Curious Minds

Curious Office

Custer Capital

Cutlass Capital

Cutstone Ventures

Cycad Group

Cypress Growth Capital