List of investment firms:

Pacific Community Ventures

Pacific Corporate Group

Pacific Current Group

Pacific Growth Investors

Pacific Horizon Ventures

Pacifica Fund

PacStar Capital Partners

PAG Capital Partners

Pagliuca Family Group

Pagliuca Harvard Life Lab

Paige Craig

Paige Sports Entertainment

Paine Schwartz Partners

Paladin Capital Group

Palisade Capital Management

Palisades Growth Capital

Palladin Consumer Retail Partners

Palladium Equity Partners

Palm Beach Capital

Palm Drive Capital

Palm Ventures

Palmetto Angel Fund

Palo Alto Networks Venture Fund

Palo Alto Venture Partners

Palo Alto Venture Science

Palomar Ventures

Pamlico Capital

Pamplona Capital Management

Panasonic Venture Group (PVG)

Pangea's Edge

Panorama Capital

Pantegrion Capital

Pantera Capital

Pantheon Ventures

Paparelli Ventures

Pappas Ventures

Parabolic Ventures

Paradox Capital Partners


Parallel 49 Equity

Parallel Investment Partners

Park City Angel Network

Parkway Capital Investors

Partech International

Parthenon Capital

Partisan Management Group

Partners Capital

Partners for Growth

Partners Group

Partners HealthCare Innovation

Partnership Fund

Pasadena Angels

Passport Capital


Pathway Capital Management

Pathway Lending

Patriarch Partners

Patriot Capital

Paul Capital Partners

Payment Ventures

PCI Ventures

Peachtree Equity Partners

Peak Ridge

Peak Rock Capital

Peak Ventures


PeakEquity Partners

Peakspan Capital

Pear Ventures

Pearl Street Venture Funds

Peate Ventures

Pecunia Capital

Pegasus Capital Group

PEI Funds

Pelican Energy Partners

Pelion Venture Partners

Peninsula Ventures

Penn Medicine

Penn Venture Partners

Pennington Allen Capital Partners

Pennsylvania NanoMaterials Commercialization Center

Penta Mezzanine Fund

Peppertree Capital Management

Pereg Ventures

Perella Weinberg Partners

Permal Capital

Permira Advisers LLC

Perot Investments


Persimmon Tree Capital

Persistence Partners

Peterson Partners

Petra Capital Partners

Pfingsten Partners

Pfizer Strategic Investments Group

Pharos Capital Partners

Pharus Capital Management

Phenomenelle Angels Fund

Phoenix Strategy Investments

Phoenix Venture Partners

Photonics Center at Boston University

Physic Ventures

Physician Investment Group

Pi Capital Group

Picatinny Technology Innovation Center

Piedmont Angel Network (PAN)

Piedmont Investment Advisors


Pilot Growth Equity

Pilot House Ventures

Pine Brook Partners

Pine Creek Partners

Pine Street Capital Partners

PineBridge Investments

Pinecreek Capital Partners

Pinecrest Capital Partners


Pinnacle Ventures

Pinto America Growth Fund

Pioneer Venture Partners

Pipeline Angels



Pittco Capital Partners

Pittsburgh Equity Partners

Pittsburgh Life Sciences Greenhouse

Pivot Investment Partners

Pivotal Investments

Pivotal Ventures

PivotNorth Capital


Plan B Ventures

Plank Industries

Plantagenet Capital

Platform Partners

Platinum Equity

Platte River Equity

Playground Global

Plenary Partners

Plexus Capital

Plough Penny Partners

Plug & Play Ventures

PlumTree Partners

Plus Capital


Plymouth Ventures

PNC Erieview Capital

PNC Riverarch Capital

Pocono Mountain Angel Network (PMAN)

Pohlad Family Capital Fund

Point B Capital

Point Lookout Capital Partners

Point72 Asset Management

PointGuard Ventures

Polaris Venture Partners

Polestar Capital Partners

Pomona Capital

Pond Venture Partners


Poplar Ventures

Portfolio Advisors

Portland Seed Fund

Portland State University Business Accelerator

Portugal Ventures

Post Oak Energy Capital

Potomac Energy Fund

Pouschine Cook Capital Management

Power Capital Partners

PowerPlant Ventures

Powershift Group

PPC Partners

PPM America

Praesidian Capital

Prairie Capital

Prairie Oak Capital

PrairieGold Venture Partners

Prairieland Economic Development Corporation

Precision Capital

Precursor Ventures

Prelude Ventures

Premanco Ventures

Preserve Capital Group

Presidio Partners

Presidio Ventures

Preston Hollow Capital

Pricoa Capital Group

Prides Crossing Capital

Primary Capital

Primary Venture Partners

Primera Capital


Princeton Ventures

Princeville Global

Prism Capital

Prism VentureWorks

Pritzker Group Asset Management

Pritzker Group Venture Capital

Pritzker/Vlock Family Office

Private Advisors

Private Capital Network

Private Equity Group

Privateer Holdings

Probitas Partners

Procyon Ventures

Progession Labs

Progress Equity Partners

Progress Investment Management Company

Progress Ventures

Project 11

Project Music

Prolog Ventures


Promus Ventures

Propel Partners

Propel(x) Network

Prophet Equity

ProQuest Investments

Prospect Partners

Prospect Venture Partners

Prospector Equity Capital

Prototype Prime

Providence Equity Partners

Providence Ventures

Provident Healthcare Ventures

Prudential Capital Group

PS Capital Partners

Psilos Group

PSL Ventures

PSP Capital

Pteranodon Ventures

PTV Sciences

Puget Sound Venture Club

Pummerin Investments

Purdue Foundry

Purdue Research Foundation

PureTech Ventures

PV Ventures

PVB Capital


QED Investors

Quabbin Capital

Quad Partners

Quad-C Management

Quadrangle Group

Quaker BioVentures


Quantarus Capital Partners

Quantum Capital Fund

Quantum Capital Partners

Quantum Energy Partners

Quantum Wave Fund

Quarry Capital Management

Queen City Angels

Queen City Angels First Funds

Quercus Trust

Questa Capital

QuestMark Partners


Quilvest Private Equity

Quintana Energy Partners

Quotidian Ventures

RA Capital Management

Radian Capital

Radicle Capital

Radius Ventures

RadWeb Technologies

Rady Venture Fund

RAF Industries

RAIN Source Capital

Raine Group

Rainfall Ventures

Raleigh Business & Technology Center

Rally Capital Services

Rally Ventures

Ranch Capital

Rancho Santa Fe Partners

Rand Capital Corporation

Ranger Aerospace

Ranger Global Advisors

Raptor Group

Razor's Edge Ventures

RCP Advisors

RDV Corporation


Reach Capital

Real Estate Technology Ventures

Rebel Venture Fund

Recruit Strategic Partners

Red Abbey Venture Partners

Red Barn Investments

Red Bear Angels

Red Clay Capital Holdings

Red Cloud Capital

Red Lion

Red Rock Ventures

RedHawk Capital

Redhills Ventures

RedHouse Associates


Redmont Venture Partners

Redpoint Ventures

RedShift Ventures

Redstar Ventures

Redwood Capital Investments

Redwood Holdings

Redwood Partners

Redwood Venture Partners

REES Capital

Reference Capital Management

Reflective Venture Partners

Reimagined Ventures

Rein Capital

Relativity Capital

Relay Ventures

Relevance Capital

Rembrandt Venture Partners

Remeditex Ventures

Renaissance Entrepreneurship Center

Renaissance Venture Capital Fund

Renegade Investments

RenewableTech Ventures

Reno Angels Investor Group

Renovo Capital

Renovus Capital Partners

Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (Emerging Ventures Ecosystem)

Republic Financial Corporation

Research Corporation Technologies

Reservoir Venture Partners

Resilience Capital Partners

Resolute Ventures

Resonant Venture Partners

Resurgens Technology Partners

Retail & Restaurant Growth Capital

Rethink Education

Rethink Impact

Rev1 Ventures

Revel Partners

Revelry Brands

Revelstoke Capital Partners

Reverence Capital Partners

Revolution Growth


RevTech Labs

Rex Strategic Innovations

Reynolds & Company Venture Partners

RFE Investment Partners

Rho Capital Partners

Rhode Island Economic Development Corporation

Rhodes Partners

Riata Capital

Ribbit Capital

Richmond Global

Richmont Holdings

Ridge Capital Partners

Ridge Ventures

Ridgemont Equity Partners

Ridgewood Capital

Right Side Capital Management


RIN Capital

Rincon Venture Partners

Ringleader Ventures

Riordan, Lewis & Haden Equity Partners

Riot Ventures

Ripplewood Holdings

Rittenhouse Ventures

River Associates Investments

River Capital

River Cities Capital Funds

River Hill Capital

River SaaS Capital

River Street Management

River Valley Investors

Riverfront Innovation Center for Start-Ups

Riverfront Ventures

Riverlake Equity Partners

RiverPark Ventures

Riverside Company

Riverside Partners

Riverstone Holdings

RiverVest Venture Partners

Riverwood Capital

Rizvi Traverse Management

RKS Ventures

RLB Holdings

RLJ Equity Partners

Roaring Fork Capital SBIC

Roark Capital Group

Robert Bosch Venture Capital

Roberts Mitani

Robin Hood Ventures

Robinson and Engler

Roche Venture Fund

Rochester Angel Network

Rock & Hammer Ventures

Rock Gate Partners

Rock Health

Rock Hill Capital Group

Rock Island Capital

Rock River Capital

Rock Springs Capital

Rock Ventures

Rockbridge Growth Equity

Rockbrook Advisors

Rockefeller & Co.

Rocket Ventures



Rockies Venture Club

Rockland Capital

Rockmont Capital Partners

RockPort Capital

Roda Group

Rogue Venture Partners

Rokk3r Labs

Romulus Capital

Rond Capital

Rose Park Advisors

Rose Tech Ventures

Rosecliff Ventures

Rosemark Smart Capital

Rosemont Investment Partners

Roser Ventures

Rosewood Private Investments

Rothenberg Ventures

Rough Draft Ventures

RoundTable Healthcare Partners

Route 66 Ventures

Roy Rodenstein

Royal Palm Capital Partners

Royal Street Ventures

RPM Ventures

RRE Ventures

RSA Capital

RSE Ventures

RSH Ventures


RTP Ventures

Rudyard Partners

Runnymede Investments

Rural Vitality Fund II

Rustic Canyon Partners

Rustic Canyon/Fontis Partners

Rutgers-Camden Business Incubator

Rutt Bridges Venture Capital Fund

RVS Ventures

RW Capital Partners

RWN Management